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The Clitoris is a female body whose visible part is at the top of the labia minora, and forms a prominence of about 0.4 to 1 cm in diameter, but turns out to be the conjunction, in depth, two roots of 10 cm surrounding the vagina and urethra. This body, although more than innervated the glans penis in males, plays a similar role in sexual arousal.

The G spot exists

Yes. Described for the first time by a gynecologist, Dr. Grafenberg (hence the name G), the ‘G Spot’ was the subject of controversy.

Located on the anterior (front) of the vagina, this area is the region of Halban’s fascia, very rich in blood vessels and nerve endings. It is particularly sensitive to stimulation, including fingers, and causes up to a pleasure orgasm.

According to women, this area is more or less high, a few centimeters above the vulva or higher near the cervix.To discover the sensations it provides, the ideal is to digitally explore the anterior of her vagina by gentle pressure, and / or ask the partner to include in this caress foreplay. Practiced by some doctors, the injection of hyaluronic acid at the point G to increase its sensitivity has not proved effective.

A paraplegic can have an orgasm

Yes. Most sexually active SCI paraplegia when they (accidentally, for example) do not cure their paralysis, resuming a sex life is therefore problematic.

For man, erectile techniques exist and to encourage ejaculation and pleasure. These are often triggered artificially euphoric recall the feeling associated with orgasm.

In women, lubrication is usually possible, erogenous zones are more diffuse than in men. Orgasm can be reached by the excitement associated with mental stimulation of erogenous zones nongenital:nipples, lips, neck …

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Prevention of sexual dysfunction

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The function of the Clitoris

In mammals (including those in estrus), the period of excitement in the relationship with his female ovulation accompanied by the emission of odorous pheromones making its secretion appealing vulva (the minnows). The attraction of these pheromones has brought the male (sometimes very far), it is to his language as both came into contact with the female and both as a primer to mating. Licking the vulva, the Clitoris and licks the effect caused favors by swelling of the bulbs of the vestibule, the opening of the vagina while the male can enter. This is the function of the clitoris.

The Clitoris is an important part of the female orgasm. According to the work of Masters and Johnson, orgasm would always involve the clitoris, regardless of the location of the stimulus (external or internal). The Clitoris is according to these authors at the center of female sexuality. This new anatomical concept that we owe to Dr Helen O’Connell (Royal Melbourne Hospital – Australia) in 1997 calls into question the very decried classification between ‘clitoral’ and ‘vagina’ because vaginal stimulation would automatically lead to stimulation of deep arm the clitoris.

Researchers Masters and Johnson observed and measured with specialized instruments more than 10,000 sexual responses from 694 women and men. They showed that the woman’s Clitoris (and penis of the man) were the main regions of origin of sexual pleasure, and the key to obtain orgasm. It is for this reason that the Clitoris is the area of the body most stimulated during sexual activity (erotic behavior).The women’s favorite erotic activities are activities that stimulate the Clitoris (cunnilingus, vaginal intercourse, masturbation …) and that provide a maximum of intense stimulation (touch, pressure, heat) on the entire Clitoris (external part (glans clitoris) and internal parts). These activities provide maximum sexual pleasure erotic.

This preference for erotic activities genital promotes activities that allow fertilization and reproduction.


Small erectile organ located in the anterior junction of the labia minora. It is fixed to the symphysis pubis by a suspensory ligament. It plays a fundamental role in sexual physiology.
Orgasm is often obtained by excitation of the organ.
It consists of corpus cavernosum which become engorged with blood during sexual arousal.

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